Thursday, July 1, 2010

Thing #2 Image Generators 2

Wordle-I really liked this application. It can help a student figure out what parts of a certain topic they need to focus in on while reading a certain article. When the student sees the larger words in the word cloud they will know those areas are key to focus in on. For instance, if a student had an article on the topic: cells. The word cloud would show them that they need to pay attention to key words like dna, molecules, nucleus, organisms, etc.

Glogster-Very innovative and I believe it gives students another option to be creative. I feel that Glogster would give those students that don't have confidence in their drawings skills a way to use technology to express themselves. Glogster also offers students ideas, through the use of art, that can help the student get their creative wheels turning. I wouldn't say using Glogster would make students think any better or worse, more or less. But, it does give them different avenues to express themselves without using pencil, colors, and scissors.

Voki-Very fun to play with. I agree that this method would keep a persons attention more than plain text. I definitely would love to incorporate this into a lesson and have the avatar explain a topic/introduce a topic, instead of just writing it on the board. Students would really enjoy this in a lesson.

Bookr-This also was very fun to play with and also something I plan on using in my classroom. Between the two, I believe the students would enjoy using Bookr instead of traditional pen, paper, and/or cutouts. This could be used by a student to tell a story or for a presentation. The "caption" cursor is also a very useful feature.

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